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Raised Toilet Seats

Raised toilet seats are a simple way of minimising excessive bending and over-balancing for those with limited mobility. It can be fitted securely to any toilet in seconds as the brackets are easily adjusted by hand.

Gordon Ellis and Co. are acknowldged experts in raised toilet seats. We have a seat to suit almost every need, producting the widest range of seats of any manufacturer. 

Raised toilet seats come in three standard sizes: 2 inch (5cm), 4inch (10cm) and 6 inch (15cm). Our range includes toilet seats that can be easily removed for cleaning, seats for bariatric or dementia care, and seats with arms or on a frame. 

To get the perfect position:


To get the perfect position, your knees and hips should be at the same height when sat on the toilet seat. 

A seat that is too low can be uncomfortable and more difficult to stand up from. 

1. Measure the distance between trhe floor and back of the thigh, just behind the knee. This is the recommended seat height. 

2. Measure the current height of the seat, and subtract from the first measurement. 

3. The difference bewteen the two is the measurement of the raise required. 


For more information on Raising Toilet Seats, read our blog:  

Please feel free to browse our range and contact us if you have any questions. 

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Prima Lift

A discreet way to raise your own toilet seat

Serenity Raised Toilet Seat

Stylish, smooth contoured design for comfort and hygiene.

Ashby Easy Fit Contract Raised Toilet Seat

Strong, long lasting and suitable for Autoclave Use

Ashby Raised Toilet Seat

Strong, long-lasting raised toilet seats, suitable for autoclave use.

Ashby Wide Access Raised Toilet Seat

Strong, long-lasting raised toilet seat, suitable for autoclave use.

Big John Toilet Seat

A larger comfortable seat, for anyone up to 60 stone.

Derby P-Guard

A toilet splash guard with easy adjustment and removal.

Derby Raised Toilet Seat

Since its launch in 1978, it is known for it's high quality.

Derby Prima Raised Toilet Seat

Features the highest standards in injection moulded toilet seats.


Easily removable and hygienic toilet seat with built-in arms.


Strong, stable toilet seat with built in arms.

Blue Ashby Raised Toilet Seat

High contrast toilet seat for dementia care.

Red Ashby Raised Toilet Seat

High contrast toilet seat for dementia care.