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Furniture Raisers

Furniture Raisers make sitting down and standing easier.

Our industry leading range of furniture raisers is trusted by Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists to safely lift furniture. Furniture raisers easily attach to existing furniture so you can avoid the significant expense of buying new higher chairs or beds.

We offer a specialist training session for healthcare professionals, certified by the College of Occupational Therapists.

Please contact us for details on our Furniture Raiser training or click on 'Training Your Team' on the top right. 


For more information on raising furniture, visit our blog:

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Langham SureGrip Furniture Raiser

Designed to make furniture raising as simple as possible.

SureGrip Adaptor with Adhesive Pad

Allows the SureGrip raisers to be used with block feet.

SureGrip Foot Pad

Set of 12 spare foot pads to sit onto the SureGrip raisers.

SureGrip Raiser Link Arms

Set of 2 link arms for the Sure Grip Raiser.

Furniture Raiser Spare Parts

Spare parts for our furniture raisers.
From £0.69

Langham Multi Purpose Raiser

Components can be used to raise almost any furniture.
From £0.00

Langham Adjustable Linked Bed Raiser

The original Langham raiser designed for beds with thin legs.

Langham Adjustable Linked Chair Raiser

The original Langham raiser, for fireside chairs and chairs with legs.

Spreader Bar and Bolt

MPR Component Part - Used to link two MPR units.

Elephant Feet Insert

Slip resistant insert to fit into our Elephant Feet furniture raisers.

Silva Raisers

Traditional hardwood raisers with a black finish.

Derby Elephant Feet in Black

Our tried and trusted Elephant Feet are now available in black.

Derby Elephant Feet in Grey

Quickly raise the height of a chair or bed.

Insert Blocks

Insert blocks for the NLP and JLP furniture raisers.

Bamberry Cube

Stylish design made from attractive bamboo.

Bolt Set

Bolt set for use with the Multi Purpose Raiser.